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Gabriel Cavazos

With numerous projects in the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile/Patagonia, Europe and more… Mr. Cavazos is a believer in the co-creation of “Peer to Peer, People to People activities and maintains numerous strategic alliances with some of the most brilliant minds, individuals, organizations and companies of our modern times operating as a Mastermind that affectionately refers to as the “ARCOTU Vision Team!” “We are bio-engineering and developing New Alternative Hybrid Sciences and Technologies that I like to think of as ”Green Apple of Life”, that is revolutionizing the way we Think, Live, Work and Play in complete symbiotic harmony with the “Laws of Creation!”


Founder President/ CEO Gabriel “Jay” Cavazos of CavCon Industries (CCI) Bio Environmental Construction Management/ Eco-Sustainable Land Development, parent company to the innovative “2M2DTomorrowTODAY” Biotechnologies Group that includes ARCOTU “Architecture of the Universe” Bio Design Architect/Engineers division creators of “PROJECT ARCOTU”, CasaBlanca Broadcasting Network, BigCtv Online ww.bigctv.com, dp3 Music Group/ Dos’Ce Productions are ushering NEW “RENAISSANCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS” through their global initiative ‘Project ARCOTU”, that includes Bio-Environmental Architectural Design Engineering of our natural built “Off-the-Grid” environments, Renewable Energy/ Waste toEnergy Technologies, organic Food Production, Health & Wellness Administration Services, and an across the board involvement of human planetary evolution towards a NEW Future of Abundant Prosperity and Restoration of our Global Resources, Planet and Universe at large…

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