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How to steal Fire

Hosted by Author, Jamie Wheal

Each year a select group of Exiters is curated to join the Mastermind experience. We bring together individuals who are working on interesting projects in a dynamic range of topics related to the future of human flourishing. During the main Mastermind dinner, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the 2018 V&E speakers and gain access to private presentations. The intention is to create the conditions for alchemy to occur, resulting in unexpected, long-lasting new connections between individuals (and ideas).

What Is The Mastermind Pass?

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Revolutionize how you live and work

Friday - Join an exclusive reception to meet your fellow Masterminders in between the Seeds talks.

Saturday - Mastermind Dinner, featuring a guest host who will create the container for the evening. Attendees are paired up with their mastermind groups based on optimal fit (a result of your application).

Includes all the value of the EXITER PASS plus:
  • Premium reserved seating during Seeds talks
  • Access to private seminar
  • Private cocktail
  • Mastermind dinner series with speakers
  • High-value networking
  • A Flourish Pack containing supplements, discounts and other V&E-related products (value over $250).
  • Friday- light dinner, Saturday- dinner with speakers.


What is it? What Can You Expect?

What is a mastmind pass?

The Mastermind Pass provides the ultimate Voice & Exit experience, and focuses on creating incredible connections between those who have demonstrated serious dedication to making a positive influence in the world.

Who else attends the Mastermind?

Attendees are incredibly diverse by design. We are not looking for a particular niche, what is most important is to create an atmosphere where both complementary and challenging connections can occur. Most attendees are growing their own organizations or startups as a means of ‘criticizing by creating’

Who leads the Mastermind?

This year’s mastermind dinner will be hosted by none other than Jamie Wheal, director of the Flow Genome Project, which studies the science of ultimate human performance, and author of Stealing fire (insert full book title in italics).

Who is the mastermind pass not for?

  • Those who are comfortable inside their own echo chamber and only want to hear what they already believe.
  • Those who like to talk about “changing the world”, but aren’t really doing anything about it.
  • Those who prefer to invest in “things”, rather than the self.

What will the mastermind experience be like?

Masterminders will engage in exclusive activities that are aimed at stimulating social interaction, connectivity and fun. We limit attendance to 50-60 curated individuals.

The core of the Mastermind experience is the Mastermind Dinner, hosted by Jamie Wheal. The Voice & Exit Seeds speakers will be in attendance at this During the MM dinner, and attendees are uniquely paired together (based on optimal synergy).

Attendees also receive our annual “Flourish Pack”, which contains real products and offers valued at over $250.

What will one gain from it?

Connections with remarkable new friends and potential collaborators. We will be launching a V&E Mastermind Facebook group post event that will give you access not only to the 2018 Mastermind attendees, but to MM attendees from last year’s.


Hear it from people themselves
It was an exact answer to the classic question "if you could have coffee with any 3 people in the world..." Just wow.
Harrison Kaczka Professional Poker player
It’s truly remarkable how much life changing information can be provided in just two days. V&E is one of the most powerful change agents on the planet right now.
Amanda Awethu Founder Amanda Awethu Project
At V&E I met someone who led to the seed level investment in my startup
Patrick Kronfli
Incredibly Transformative
CEO Give Life To Art

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