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So…What is Voice & Exit?

Years before contrarian ideas like seasteading, digital currencies, and biohacking became mainstream, they were presented to a small group of attendees at an annual gathering that’s been called the festival of the future.

It’s not a conference. It’s not a seminar. It’s not a party. It’s none of those things exactly, and yet all of them. According to Sam Elick, founder and CEO of BrainJuice, “It’s like an edgy TED conference.”

It’s the only event in the world that celebrates new ideas with entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives gathering in one place.

You’ll hear subversive talks about biohacking the human mind for ultimate performance, the social technologies that will eliminate poverty, even bold initiatives like seasteading (building floating cities on the ocean).

Voice & Exit is where next-generation ideas are cultivated for this generation.

“If you love books like Abundance and Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, attending Voice & Exit will be a life changing experience. It’s an event where you learn about the ideas that will change the world—and meet the actual people working on those ideas,” said one of last year’s attendees.

As a celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Voice & Exit is the ultimate festival for those who want to leave their mark on the world. Above all else, it’s an immersive experience that champions a universal ideal: human flourishing.

Do you want to surround yourself in this private network of optimistic entrepreneurs? Have dinner with the next generation of world-changing innovators, entrepreneurs and artists?

See you in Austin this June.