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Interactive tech demos, live music, beautiful dancers, and mind-altering installations round out this otherworldly party.

8:00 PM Doors Open, Saturday, May 19, 2018


You are invited to the Voice & Exit Blooms festival. The Blooms festival is a celebration of music, creativity, and art. The Blooms festival is not your standard music festival. While you will get to hear music from artists like the Digital Wild and Ram-Z, you will also witness theatrical performances from dancers, engage with virtual reality simulations, and participate in the creation of art.

The Digital Wild

Austin, TX, trio The Digital Wild craft a deeply appealing genus of smokey dream pop, tinged with indie rock charm and power-soul bravado. Together Chantell Moody (vocals), Chelsea Seth Woodward (vocals/guitar), and James Blair (synth/guitar/electronic drums) weave together threads of the best of the last two decades of popular music to produce a rich tapestry of sound; both immediately engaging and profoundly nuanced.

Their debut record Into, produced by Alex Maas and Brett Orrison (Black Angels), was a bold declaration of intent, and quickly began climbing the charts at tastemaker radio station KUTX. Their reputation as a live band bloomed as well, and over the next year the band was featured at Fun Fun Fun Fest, X Games, and Sound Check, and at various Red Bull Sound Select showcase performances.


Out from under the colorful and weird playground of Austin's grungy underground warehouse scene a party pioneer in nightlife was born. That unique pioneer came with a big heart and used it to pave his way into the electronic music scene and the hearts of many loyal fans. That club kid, was coined Ram-Z. Along with his young free spirited friends Ram-Z set trends and helped the movement of electronic music in Austin grow from its early misunderstood days in Austin’s warehouse district to mainstream clubs in the heart of what we now call Downtown Austin Nightlife. Ram-Z has humbly been part of the electronic music scene since the early 1990’s.

Ram-Z is a full time music producer and performing Dj. He has been booked everywhere from; Burning Man, Art Outside, Lightening in a Bottle, Ethics Music Lounge, Kingdom, Empire Control Room, Create Culture, Voice & Exit, Flipside and more.

Fared Shafinury

Born on the coast of Texas, his music spans cultures and traditions rooted in ancient repertoires - he has studied under masters in Iran such as Ostads Shaari, Lotfi, and Zolghadar - while possessing innovation and originality that set him apart from his contemporaries.

Shafinury introduces the classical and folk sounds of Iran to his distinct musical world, populated by driving rock beats, Sufi-trance-like states, psychedelic loops, Hindustani ragas, country lilts and more. He weaves it together with the timeless verses of Rumi and Hafez, modern poets such as Sohrab Sepehri and Forough Farokhzad, in addition to his own lyrics, sung in Persian and English.

Plus: VR Live-Painting hosted by Capital Factory


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